Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sharing beautiful music.

INCOMPETECH is a brilliant site. I was so glad to be introduced to this site. I would certainly use the music from this site in my teaching. Throughout this course, I have found that technology can often be so impersonal and perhaps unemotional. I would use the music from this site to remind my students of the range of emotions that can be sparked by a simple melody. I hope I am not being old fashioned here, because I am certainly all for moving forward and using all of these new technologies, however I would like to think that people could still be moved by music. I would teach my students exactly that, that different tunes and melodies can spark significant changes in our emotions. To do this, I would chose an emotional scene in a current and popular film and have my students watch this particular scene as it is normally, and then again with the sound turned down, or even with a complete opposite style of music, and ask them about how it made them feel each time they watched it. I would then set them a task of creating a presentation of their choice, using music from a site like INCOMPETECH in the background to spark emotions and moods. I believe that this puts a bit of a personal touch on a sometimes very impersonal world.

I chose two pieces from the range provided. They are two contemporary pieces and are complete opposites of each other. One is called Wounded and the other is Eternal Hope. I chose the two pieces based on what I have outlined above, that they may spark two opposite emotions in the listener. I would recommend you listen to them at the first chance you get.


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