Thursday, August 13, 2009

Google Earth

I have used Google Earth before and quickly got addicted. This would be a great tool to use on the classroom as it gives students the opportunity to navigate around the world in a matter of seconds. Today's kids seem to want everything instantly, and why shouldn't they? Instant Messaging, Fast Food, etc, all of these things are what the youth of today are used to. They don't want to look at an old dusty Atlas, or read from a text book, they want instant, engaging, up-to-date information and they want it now! Google Earth certainly caters for today's students. The possibilities of how to use this in today's classroom are endless. It seems to cater for a wide range of subjects, from Geography right through to History and Science. I was really impressed with the new feature which allows you to go back in time and look at the way that a particular landscape may have changed. Perhaps students could be set a task in a science class of looking at a particular landscape 10 years ago, and noting the changes that have been slowly happening. The ice caps melting springs to mind for a project like this.
Being able to switch from sky to earth was also an amazing feature. What a useful tool for an assignment on the galaxies? I'm actually a little jealous that these tools were not available when i was at school. I guarantee that I would have paying a lot more attention.


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