Saturday, August 15, 2009


"This seems like a very useful site for individuals, however I am not so sure how relevant it would be to the classroom." This is the original thought that ran through my head when I first discovered this site, however, the more I thought about it, the more useful it became. This site is another simple and easy way of being able to share information with people, which excites me. I am still blown away at the possibilities and opportunities that arise from simply switching on my computer and clicking on connect! Forget emails and attachments, (which I almost always forget to actually attach), by using this site, you can share files and images with a large group of people with ease.
My thoughts are that we should certainly show our students that these types of sites exist and that they may be useful for them to use in future assignments etc, however I can't help but focus on the point that these sites are also extremely useful for teachers helping teachers. My understanding is that at the moment, a change is happening. Teachers may be starting to realise that they need to connect with their students in different ways. As I have stated in earlier postings, I believe that by teachers working together, this can be achieved. Using a site like MediaFire is yet another way that teachers can help each other out by sharing information, and by doing it using the technology that is responsible for the change to begin with. As I have had no direct teaching experience, I apologise if my thoughts or opinions are naive, but I do hope that my thoughts and opinions on how teachers approach teaching become a reality, if not already. Click here to see my file.


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