Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The Classmarker site seems like a great tool for teachers, but could also be used by students as well.
This site was easy to use, contained simple, plain English instructions and appears to have a wide range of uses. Being able to create a range of quiz's from multiple choice, to true/false and free text gave me an abundance of ideas and I am sure that in my future career, using this tool, I could create a quiz for any occasion. As I have had no teaching experience, I opted to go for a simple numeracy test, and used it to test my 4 year old nephew, who surprised me with all that he knew. He seemed quite excited to be using the computer and was only too happy to take the quiz, and to my surprise, my sister informed me that he is actually quite competent with the computer. It goes to show that kids are starting to utilise the Internet from such a young age, no wonder they are screaming out for these types of tools to be included in their curriculum.

Using this type of ICT also provides teachers the ability to set homework using Blogs or WIKI's. A link to the quiz can be posted to the page and students can undertake these quiz's within a set amount of time, if required. Teachers can monitor their students results within the Statistics page of the Classmarker site. Tests can also be set in other languages meaning that this tool can be used by LOTE teachers also.


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Retrieved July 29, 2009, from

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